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Ultimate Construction, Inc. is proud to have been featured in a number of news articles over the years. Take a moment to read some of the articles below. 

 A Time For Waste

Scott Foley practices green building, although not quite in the same sense as we’re hearing that term used nowadays. Sure, when he builds using post-frame, SIPs, and stick-building techniques, he values energy efficiency, and his jobsite waste management practices are certainly environmentally friendly. But to Foley the “green’ in green building signifies something any builder can relate to.

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Tough Wisconsin Winter! Bring it on!

Ultimately, it’s all about recycling and energy use, believes Scott Foley.

A builder in Cottage Grove outside Madison, Wis., Foley says he’s been “hooked on SIPs” for about 10 years, but until recently, he hadn’t built a SIPs home. That is, until this year, when he constructed the ultimate ultra-energy-efficient home for himself.

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