EPS Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are proven efficient

What Are the Features & Benefits of SIPs & Why Should I Care?

For Architects & Builders

Structural insulated panels have numerous benefits for the architects and builders responsible for designing and creating the home or building. SIPs can shorten the construction process by nearly two to three times the normal length of time a project takes. The panels are also stronger and result in a more sturdy home. No specialized tools are required and they reduce construction waste and save resources. As a home or building constructor, you should always be trying to build the highest quality end product possible along with constantly looking for new ways to become more efficient. SIPs allow you to do just that.

For Homeowners

Buildings constructed with structural insulated panels are extremely airtight and allow for better control over your indoor air quality and HVAC systems. Energy bills can be reduced as much as 50 to 60 percent! Providing continuous insulation not only lends to a home free of drafts and cold areas, but also a home that is significantly quieter and more soundproof than homes built with traditional framing.

Watch the hosts of Hometime talk about EPS SIPs:

Introduction to home construction using EPS:

What makes up a  SIPs Panel:

Building with SIPs Panels:


Building with Structural Insulated Panels allows you to incorporate your unique style. From custom kitchens, vaulted ceilings, to beautiful open rooms. Here, decorative glue-laminated beams provide a rustic, open look and feel.

custom energy efficient home interior by Ultimate Construction


With people spending 90% of their time indoors, buildings should create a safe environment for occupants, free from mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or other harmful airborne pollutants. A SIP home allows for better control over the indoor air quality because the airtight building envelope limits incoming air to controlled ventilation. Controlled ventilation filters out contaminants and allergens and allows for incoming air to be dehumidified, reducing the possibility of mold growth.


An EPS home built with Structural Insulated Panels will provide plenty of options for exterior finishes. Go with traditional wood or vinyl siding or choose brick and stone finishes. Exterior finishes provide not only a decorative look, but the weatherproofing for the life of the home. Our professional builders will be happy to discuss the benefits of each option.